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Employment Law

We work together with you to resolve your business issues at the shop floor; we will modernise your employment contracts free of charge, we manage grievances, hold disciplinary hearings, chair hearings and manage staff. We will help you streamline your operation and reduce your disputes so that you can spend more time at achieving your goals, targets and ambitions. We will create a stress-free environment which will make you love being at work so much that you may even start to miss your family.

Court Work

Goldberg Attorneys Inc knows its way around the Labour Court and the Labour Court's processes. We know the Labour Courts in and out. We open files, review matters, bring Urgent Applications, appear in applications all on behalf of companies. We get you the results that you seek. We can approach Court staff,  Judge's secretaries, and the Court Registrar on your behalf; manage court files; draft all pleadings; correspondence and provide you with file updates. We will get the job done no matter what it takes!


We provide advice to all companies no matter how big or small. We know the law and have years of experience in this specialised field. Case law experts at your service. Let us be your go-to-attorneys!


Mr Goldberg, the CEO of Goldberg Attorneys Inc, and has unmatchable experience Labour Court experience. He knows the Courts in and out. Goldberg Attorneys Inc staff are well trained and are here to deal with any issue you have. We, at Goldberg Attorneys Inc., open Court files, review adverse Awards/Rulings, bring Urgent Applications and appear at Court on your behalf. We get the results that you seek. We have won most of our cases at Court and are well respected by the Judges, Court officials and the Registrar. We can approach Court staff, manage court files, draft all pleadings, correspondence and provide you with Court file updates on a regular basis.


We will work with your legal team or HR to resolve issues at the shop floor, Draft employment contracts, manage grievances, hold disciplinary hearings, chair hearings and manage staff.


Our lawyers will appear on your behalf at Arbitration. We will draft the Pre-Arb minute and prepare you and your colleagues for the hearing. If legal representation is allowed we will appear on your behalf. Support staff includes well-experienced candidate attorneys who are allowed to appear on your behalf. We will see the matter through no matter what it takes and we will achieve the best outcome. Satisfaction guaranteed!


Let us be your correspondent attorneys. We act as correspondents in the Labour Court and Constitutional Court -  We are the best-known correspondent attorneys for the Labour Court. We have a dedicated team ready to look after you and your client/s with over 300 attorneys who use us as their trusted correspondents. We are cost-effective and efficient. We get the work done no matter what it takes or how urgent it is. We aim to please. Service by hand on all parties in Braamfontein. Arranging of Court Orders. Finalisation of work is our priority.

Masters in
Labour Law

Goldberg Attorneys Inc. is a boutique law firm specialising in Labour Law and in particular in Labour Court matters. We are truly Master in Labour Law.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

  • Unfair dismissal

    Did you dismiss an employee for no reason? Did you fail to follow procedure? When this happens to you, we suggest that you try by all means to settle at the CCMA. The CCMA can award reinstatement of an employee you do not want. A settlement of 3-4 months would be acceptable. Most cases which are referred to conciliation or arbitration settle in this region. You can revert to settlement talks at any stage. No witnesses or no case? - We suggest that you contact us so that we can aid you to negotiate a settlement with the employee. Arbitrations can cost R50,000.00 and if you win or lose the other party can Review the Award, and this can cost R100,000.00. So we suggest that you settle whenever possible. Furthermore, employees can seek sympathy from commissioners, and this can lead to an adverse Award.

  • How do I get rid of an employee?

    Getting rid of an employee might be necessary where there is a poor fit; the employee and the organisation do not connect; where the employee fails to perform, or even where the employee has become unproductive. No company wants to have an employee that is not achieving his/her tasks or meeting his/her target/s. There are legal solutions which can aid you in getting rid of that unwanted employee which include performance management plans (PMP's), target goals, performance hearings, separation agreements, retrenchment, restructuring and even disciplinary hearings. Still, these need to be carried out within the parameters of the law, and this means that procedures and systems need to be put into place so that you do not end up at the CCMA or the MEIBC. Contact us now so that we can provide you with a plan to remove any unwanted employees and provide you with a more harmonious and stress-free working environment. We want you to love going to work and make your work environment stress-free. 

  • When should I contact an attorney?

    The best line of resolution is always communication. Talk to your employees, arrange meetings, keep communication lines open. Manage issues, grievances and problems. If you are feeling overwhelmed or have reached an impasse, then contact an attorney. Call us to resolve your issues so that you can have a tremendous workforce with the same collective goal in mind.

  • What can an attorney do for me?

    An attorney is a qualified person in the area of law, AND he or she is specialised in the type of law that you need help with. An attorney needs to be good at resolving problems, managing issues and removing stress from the situation that you are finding yourself in and know how to so within a legal framework. Mediation and resolution of matters should be the main aim of any modern attorney. Matters can often be resolved through open communication and/ or through a mediator or moderator. In this way, the huge expenses involved in Court can be avoided.  Call us now to obtain expert advice in resolving your problems.

  • Ensuring an efficient and productive workforce

    A happy employee is a productive employee. Employees need to know what the aim of the business is and the role that they play in achieving that aim. A business should have specific aims and goals which need to be communicated to the employees via managers and supervisors. It is essential to have weekly meetings with staff to reassert the goals of the business and to advise the employees how the business is doing. A healthy business is one where all the parts are working efficiently towards a common goal. Togetherness, harmony, reduced stress and anxiety are all achievable if you have a plan and you stick to that plan. The plan must be flexible so that it can grow as the business grows. Call us so that we can consult with you and help you create a plan for your business which involves legal contracts and founded on a legal framework.

  • Does achieving production negate happiness?

    The workplace is made up of the employees and the tools to get the job done. How these employees interact with the tools provided to them and ensure that their tasks are completed efficiently and effectively makes the most significant difference in your production and the achievement of goals set. It is so important to manage your employees rather than letting them control you. Find out what is wrong with the team by interviewing each of the team members regularly and establishing if there is a trend or a manageable issue. Perhaps consider moving employees between teams and enhancing your teams by using skill sharing and skill learning initiatives. Discover hidden talents within your workforce. Set goals and motivate the teams to achieve these goals. Make sure that each team has the correct skillset and tools to achieve the targets set. These plans and arrangements will ensure a productive and happy workforce. Delegate tasks and manage the end goals and not bricks and mortar. You, as an employer, will have reduced stress and anxiety. 

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